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Monday May 21, 2012

Apologies for the lateness on this episode. Anthony Buono of stops by to give dating advice, which will be detailed further in his upcoming book, "Would You Date You," from Servant Books.

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Sunday May 13, 2012

Sunday May 13, 2012

We're back with a new show. And by new, I mean REALLY new. Starting with this show, I'll be recording my podcast from the studios of Which means much clearer audio quality, and now my guests can actually call into the studio instead of begging them to sign up for Skype.
On this week's show, we have Emmy, the writer of, to tell us all the struggles she had going to a "Catholic In Name Only" college. College life is tough enough, no need to complicate it with professors throwing Catholicism under the bus!
Listen and enjoy!

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Sunday May 06, 2012

Sunday May 06, 2012

In this episode, I talk to Kathy Schiffer about moms in the Bible, St. Monica, and the gift of fire.

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Saturday Apr 28, 2012

Saturday Apr 28, 2012

In tonight's episode, we talk to Lisa Hendey of about drunk intruders, tips on taking small children and infants to Mass, and the lives (and deaths) of saints. Plus, Chris Holland of provides some really great closing music, a rock cover of the Chrono Trigger theme!

Wednesday Apr 11, 2012

In this episode, we look past minor audio hitches and talk to Fr. Chip Hines about Bobby Petrino's firing, why we like Tim Tebow the person but HATE the New York Jets, and the Red Sox' awful slump!

Sunday Apr 08, 2012

We renamed the podcast to The Bad Catholic Podcast for this episode. 600 seconds or Less is fine when it's just me talking, but when we have a good interview, the limitation was too restrictive!
In this episode, Eric Bailey of stops by to talk about the role of religion in gaming, and how games like Okami for the Nintendo Wii successfully combine religion and quality gameplay. Also, I give my thoughts on the Dump Starbucks campaign.

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